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Founded in 1988, RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services was set up to provide custom-made engineering solutions for the ever growing UK market. Since its launch twenty-seven years ago, the company has grown to become one of the most prominent in the industry; gaining an exceptional standing for working closely with our clients and delivering bespoke and customer-focused solutions.

We have devised and continue to devise innovative and cost-effective design, installation, management and commissioning to major UK projects. With our customer-focused ethos, we have built or impeccable reputation on our flexible management approach, proven administration procedures and superior quality performance.

To assure you of a profitable venture, we have heavily researched and invested in innovative internal systems that can adapt with your own to achieve substantial operational cost savings. As industry experts with a comprehensive understanding of the market, we are here to get the best from your project presently and in the future.

As a client of ours, your satisfaction is of utmost priority. Just like you, we are motivated by outstanding results and we make it our prime duty to blend a personal and exceptionally professional service. Your best interests are permanently at the heart of our work and we recognise your need to deal with a company who understands your goals and cares about your project as much as you do.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

Health & Safety

RDM Electrical and Mechanical covers complete electrical installation, maintenance, testing and reassurance services in all sectors across South Wales.
From working on moderate domestic projects through to mammoth industrial constructions, we bring extensive experience and a superior quality work ethic to each and every task we undertake. By working closely with you and gaining a clear understanding of your vision and goals, we are able to expertly create bespoke electrical solutions tailored to the demands of your project.
We employ only the highest standard of electrical engineers and we are proud to offer a diverse and exceptionally qualified workforce; complimenting our non-exhaustive list of electrical services.

This includes:

  • In-house design capabilities

  • Fire alarms and maintenance to BAFE standards

  • Emergency lighting and testing certification

  • Fixed wiring testing and certification

  • BMS Maintenance

  • Energy monitoring, metering and reporting

  • Energy surveys and rectification reporting

  • And much more….


RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services is fully aware that there is significant concern about damage to our environment due to climate change and many other impacts. It is the company’s intention to assist in protecting the environment as a whole and strives to act responsibly in whatever way it can to address some of these issues. The company demonstrates its commitment by involving its employees in helping to ensure good environmental performance through good recycling practices and recommending to client’s low energy products.

The company makes every effort, by offering free advice to its clients, to inform them of new alternative low energy products and technologies and encourages them to embraces these new innovations by pointing out the savings they can often provide. The company is a member of the ECA and works with this organisation in an effort to minimise packaging and waste within the industry. The ECA for example, and other industry professional members also ensure that our company is made aware of all relevant environmental legislation.

Our Enviromental Policy is available to download from our certificates page

Staff & Training

No matter how complex your building or project, we are here to provide a one-stop-shop for all your mechanical needs. Our expert team of experienced and highly qualified engineers are here to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them – from start to finish and beyond.
From large planned preventative maintenance and repairs contracts to tailored services that provide an optimised working environment, our duty is to take your goal and transform it into a fully functional and immaculately maintained operation.

We can provide:

  • In house design capabilities

  • Duct work manufacture and installation

  • Metal work fabrication

  • Industrial pipe work installations

  • Domestic plumbing maintenance

  • Domestic and commercial gas maintenance

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • SBEM and EPC energy calculations

  • Solar hot water installations

  • Associated services maintenance

  • And much more….

Giving Back

Swansea Bay Futures

As a company keen to be seen as contributing to the development of the regional economy, RDM have also become a member of Swansea Bay Futures, the not for profit organisation working to promote and connect business, education and development in Swansea Bay.
Dave Kieft explains the importance of RDM becoming a member of SBF.
“RDM heavily supports the focus SBF has with connecting and promoting business and development in Swansea. This supports economic development, which brings numerous community benefits and RDM want to encourage this by being an ambassador partner with SBF.”

The Budding Brunels

David Keift engaged in a presentation with young individuals to offer them an insight in his own background in the industry. David explained how the business started and how RDM continued to grow throught the the difficulties such as recession.
The presentation was concluded with advice for these budding young individuals

“the future is moving faster and faster, in my 30 years of experience things have moved from hand based estimating to fully computerised, drawings have moved from hand drawn taking days to complete to CAD drawn now to BIM, the future, 3D real time drawings that from the demonstration projects we have seen see construction time and site disputes reduced by over 20% and sees engineers of all disciplines being involved much earlier in the design process, this is the future with a massive need for well trained and competent engineers of which there is a great shortage”

A suggestion of potential career paths were given to help these individuals to understand the certain skill sets that were sought after in the industries future.

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